Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tiny Town Railroad 9/1/07

Today David and I took Emma to Tiny Town Railroad in Colorado. My Mom and Beni found this cute place and had taken Emma there last week and she loved it. She was very excited to go today however once we got there and the train sounded its horn she started to cry! It was too funny. She grabbed on to Davids neck and would not let go. Finally we talked her into going to see the little houses.

She had fun going inside them and looking at the ones with little dolls through the windows. She liked to point out the houses on the hill across from the creek.

Then the train came by and sounded its horn again and she jumped behind my legs and started to cry again! So we said good bye to Tiny Town Railroad and took her to have her favorite banana wrap!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm Here!

Okay Mom, I'm here!

It has taken some time for me to check out the blog you created for me. But in my defense I have had a 2 year old with the stomach flu and then lucky for me I got it too! Finally I could feel my legs again and made it up the stairs to my computer to check out my new page. Thanks for the cute pictures and I think I will keep "Kristas Kapers" it has a nice ring! I also enjoyed the entry you posted about how David stole me away! :')

So now that I'm here I want to know what you think about me changing careers. David thinks it would be best for me to quit this year and start school so I can hopefully start working in esthetics before we try to get into a house. I was thinking maybe I should wait until we buy a house so I have my tenure with work for the loan. I would like to make a change though. It would be nice to be able to make my own schedule! Work what days and what hours "I" want! The other thing is we really want to have another baby, I just wish I had a crystal ball so I could see the result of each option...wouldn't that be nice!

Well, I have to go, David needs to study for his exam, hopefully he will graduate this week and start his new job!

Love you,

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Get With the Program!

Gee, c'mon Krista! I'm waiting. It's not MY job to put pictures on your blog!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Keep in Touch

Hey, this is Krista's mom, back in Las Vegas. You see Krista and hubby David along with 2-year old Emma (my only grand daughter) left Las Vegas this past February seeking greener pastures. They moved to Colorado. I have forgiven David (mostly) for taking my girls away, my Disneyland companions, my confidant, but most of all the eldest of my daughters. You see we don't leave Las Vegas, my family has been here since, well, since Las Vegas was founded in 1905! Okay, not MY family, but my mothers, mother's mother. A long time. We stay. We put up with the heat and the growth and we stay.

But NOOOOOOO, David decides to join the army and first moves them to ALASKA! Well, he didn't decide really, the Army did. Now he is in the police academy and so on they move to Colorado. I hate being away from my kids, my family, my little Emma. So, I decided, Krista needs a blog. A place to write about her adventures with her job, her new home, Emma and a place to put pictures of Emma. Grandma's and Mom's need to know everything that is going on, so a blog would be perfect. Only I know Krista, she would never start one. So, here you go! You can retitle it whatever you want, but just let me know and hey, don't forget to keep in touch and keep the light on!

Love ya,